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    Eyelash Lifting Training

    Lash lifting is an eyelash curling and intensifying application that makes eyelashes appearance more natural,long and curled lasting 2-3 months. This application , which provides your eyelashes to take a raised and distinct shape, has been preferred nowadays. The eyelashes remain more curved and well-groomed with application and care solutions applied. Our students can practice on live models during our training.

    Purpose of Training

    • To comprehend eye structure anatomy and apply.


    • To comprehend eyelash structure and apply.


    • To comprehend eyelash analysis and apply.


    • To recognize the equipments and terms.


    • To recognize the concepts of curling-length-volume and apply.


    • To choose the appropriate silk eyelas according to the face shapes and eye structure.


    • To practice on a live model.


    • To provide our worldwide students who attend our academy’s workshops to Exchange their opinions through our social media group.


    Individuals over the age of 18, graduated at least primary school , can participate in.

    Our differences;

    • 6 different branches and for each 6 different trainers.
    • One-to-one training in spacious theoretical and practical classes.
    • Education quality in European standards with modern equipment and devices.
    • Certificate of Ministry of National Education.
    • Job offers from the most prestigious centers.
    • Possibility of free certificate update if needed.
    • A pleasent and dcent family atmosphere that you find nowhere else.
    • In the city centre, one minute walking distance to subway.
    • And companies that line up to employ you before you even graduate.
    Hera Altın Oran Academy is not only a training Academy that has proven its success in this area but also a warm family atmosphere. Therefore the success is inevitable at our Academy.

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