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    Microblading Training

    Microblading is  a kind of tattoo technique which a small handheld device ( pen ) made of several small needles is used to add semipigment to the skin. Microblading is different from the standard eyebrow tattoo. Because microblading is drawn by hand  using a pen that creates thin slices on the skin like a touch of hair. Microblading is applied on eyebrows to create  or reshape their appearance for both shape and color.

    Why choose us?

    Hera Altın Oran Academy is not only a training Academy that has proven its success in this area but also a warm family atmosphere. Therefore the success is inevitable at our Academy.

    Content of Microblading Training

    • To detail facial shapes with facial anatomy and physiology.
    • To determine who is suitable for microblading treatment.
    • To determine how permanence is detected in microblading treatment. 
    • Why does color change occur , what should be done to avoid color change in microblading treatment. 
    • To determine the importance of the pigment and pen for microblading during the process. 
    • To learn the needle differences and the purpose of using needles. 
    • To determine the form according to the face shapes. 
    • To practice form drawing and hair drawing techniques on A4 paper. 
    • To make eyebrow design and lip symmetry treatments. 
    • To study eyebrow shaping in accordance with face shapes, skin types and selection of the pigments. 
    • To pratice the golden ratio and hair drawing with pencil drawing. 
    • To practice eyebrow shaping with the device on latex. 
    • To practice Europe- Asia  eyebrow work. 
    • To practice on live models with our experts. 
    • To make studies about the post process experiences. 
    • To offer the opportunity to share and exchange ideas through the social media group with the students who came from different parts of the world and take workshops from our Academy. 
    • To ensure  customer relations.

    Hera Microblading Set for training

    • Golden Ratio Caliper ( 1 piece )
    • Standard Microblading Pen ( 1 piece )
    • U Microblading Pen ( 1 piece ),
    • Double Bladed Microblading Pen ( 1 piece )
    • Hera Microblading Pigment 20 ml ( 6 pieces )
    • Microblading Needle ( 50 pieces )
    • Microblading U Needle ( 15 pieces )
    • Marker ( 1 piece )
    • Care Gel ( 10 pieces )
    • Pigment Ring ( 60 pieces )
    • Latex ( Artificial Working Leather  / 2 pieces )
    • Cleansing Foam ( 2 pieces )


    Individuals over the age of 18, graduated at least primary school , can participate in.
    Beauticians can start their own business with the certificate after they successfully complete the training course. They can work at all departments of beauty centers, companies selling beauty products, hospital or medical clinics, training courses, skin care industry , SPA centers of hotel or thermal hotel, beauty shops and also take part in managerial staff.

    Our differences;

    • 6 different branches and for each 6 different trainers.
    • One-to-one training in spacious theoretical and practical classes.
    • Education quality in European standards with modern equipment and devices.
    • Certificate of Ministry of National Education.
    • Job offers from the most prestigious centers.
    • Possibility of free certificate update if needed.
    • A pleasent and dcent family atmosphere that you find nowhere else.
    • In the city centre, one minute walking distance to subway.
    • And companies that line up to employ you before you even graduate.
    Hera Altın Oran Academy is not only a training Academy that has proven its success in this area but also a warm family atmosphere. Therefore the success is inevitable at our Academy.

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